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About you and your company


Please enter the total income or revenue generated by your business and any of your sub-contractors over the past 12 months, including VAT if appropriate.

If your business has been trading for less than a year, please enter an estimate of the total income for your first year of trading.

If your business is not actively trading and is not expected to generate any income over the next year, please enter £0.

If you aren't sure what to enter, please give us a call and speak to one of our business insurance experts.


This is the total amount of money your business pays out in salaries, wages and bonuses to direct employees and self-employed contractors.

The total should include your salary, if you take one, and that of any other directors or partners, but not any dividends you pay to yourself or anyone else.

If you are unsure, please use an estimate.





Please complete your legal structure and the main activity of your business to see what covers are available for you.

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